DeviceNet Vs. ControlNet


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Darren Jamrog

We are going to be implementing a new system that requires communication b/w many PLC processors. I am wondering why one would choose ControlNet over DeviceNet or vise versa. Can you let me know some of the Disadvantages/Advantages. Thanks DJ

Jocko Harmet

Devicenet is a sensor network - it provides both power and communication to up to 63 devices with a single devicenet scanner - drives, sensors, pushbutton stations, and many other devicenet IO devices can be on this network.

Control net is a network that can have up to 99 devices on it - these devices can be sensors (it does not power the sensors), but they can also be processors, HMI's, etc.
Control net can be used like DH+

As the names state - Controlnet is a Control network -

Devicenet is a Device network - a network of devices attached to a single PLC.

I don't know what your application is, but for a system with a lot of IO connected to each PLC, devicenet is a good solution, as it reduces wiring (both power and communication are carried by one cable). Then use Ethernet or DH+ to network the PLC's.

If the sensor/device count is low, then Controlnet could do the entire job.

Jocko Harmet
Phoenix AZ

Guillermo Rybnik

If you need to communicate many PLCs each other, the recommended network usually is ControlNet.
Using Allen Bradley PLCs, Controllogix and FlexLogix have connectivity that is natural for this network.
If you want to use micro PLCs, it is possible that you can't find one that can be connected to ControlNet. Usually, micro PLCs are considered as devices, and have connectivity to DeviceNet, and don't have master capabilities.
Using DeviceNet you always need one master for the communications, it could be a PC scanner card or a PLC based scanner.

Guillermo Rybnik
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trevor Ousey

Comparing Devicenet to Controlnet is not comparing 'apples with apples'. Basically as their names imply, Devicenet is for devices like pe's, drives and other i/o items, whereas Controlnet is aimed at a higher level. A more
likely comparison would be between Controlnet and Ethernet/IP.

My preference is to use Controlnet between processors where control is required, Ethernet for programming and HMI,s, and Devicenet for drives and other i/o.