Devicet Com fault in MCC


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I'm having an intermittent MCC DeviceNet communication fault on Power Flex VFD and on SMC Flex Soft Starter. this intermittent fault comes up only on the 2 devices among the network. I proceed to test the network voltage:
The power is ok
the HI signal is ok
the low signal is ok

the DeviceNet cable originally as per the design is not shielded. the drive is well grounded, the soft starter is well grounded.

the terminator resistors I did not check because the system is online.
If I disconnect the resistors for checking, is that interfere the communication.

Please help.

Following are my question regarding your devicenet problem :

1. What is your Powerflex cat no?

2. What is your SMC Flex cat no?

3. What Dnet comm. card used on your powerflex/SMC flex?
20-COMM-D or 22-COMM-D?

4. What message appeared on your PowerFlex/SMCFlex when mentioned fault happened? Also what are LEDs status indicator on your PowerFlex/SMC flex?

5. If you are using 20-COMM-D or 22-COMM-D, what are LEDs status indicator on mentioned cards?

6. Are you using Drive Executive software? What diagnostic message you were getting from Drive Executive software?

For reference, following are manual links for DNET, 20-COMM-D and 20-COMM-C that might be useful for you:


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