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I'm looking for a dewpoint sensor and associated circuitry, to measure the output of a dessicant dryer. Measuring range -10 deg F to +30 deg F Accuracy +/- 0.1% or there-abouts. Output 0-10V or 4-20mA. Very low air flow past sensor head. Prefer to mount the sensor in small "chamber" external to the dessicant dryer, and then pipe chamber between output and input flow of dessicant dryer to isolate sensor from heat (output air flow from dessicant dryer is quite hot) Any suggestions ??? Best regards, Bob
I would be surprised for 0.1% accuracy. I have never seen it. Simple remark for the manufacturers of this device: In dew point the calculated variable is degr Celsius. It must in ± degr. C In case you dont find what you are looking for, I have all the maths and formulas. You need two variables: dry/wet bulb temp. You may add the barometric pressure for increased accuracy. It's all included in my compendium. Also the gr/kg (gram/kilogram) of water in equivalent dry air. [email protected] There are several sites on the web for personal use. They would be glad supplying the piece of software to suit your platform.

Arthur Kokolekos

We supply a range from E+E Elektronik from Austria. They have proved very reliable. Suggest you try their web site The model to look for is EE-28 Regards, Arthur

Richard Norris

A few years ago I worked for a CO2 company. There we used an E&H (Endraus & Hauser) dewpoint sensor to monitor the output of the dessicant dryer. I cant recall the specs but they proved reliable.

Rodney Barnes

Endress and Hauser was recently bought out and no longer makes the moisture analyzers. However this was taken over by General Eastern. Their MMY31 model should work for what you are trying to do and can be calibrated for your range from the factory.