DF1 full duplex to USB


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Please help me

I am using HP compaq Laptop. Unfortunately due to Earth fault occurred in my company, my 9-pin serial port was not communicating/working properly.

I was using this Laptop for Allen Bradley PLC programming.

Ok now I use 1747-uic converter (DH 485 to USB) to communicate my PLC with laptop. This is possible when my processor is configured in DH485 in channel -0 under drivers.

No i want to communicate my my laptop using DF1 full duplex configured in channel-o of SLC processor to my USB adapter.

For this can i Use 9300-USBS.Is that true??
Yes, the 9300-USBS is fully supported for DF1 Full Duplex communications to all Allen-Bradley controllers and devices.

Another device I like a lot is the Keyspan USA-19HS. It will work with every A-B device I have tried except with the serial port of the 1761-NET-ENI converter module.