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Ting Gatus

Hi there! I am planning to connect several Allen Bradley SLC 5/01 CPUs to a HMI. I will be using link couplers and KF3s in the network. Connections of SLCs to the link coupler will be C11 cables (which are prefabricated from AB. The
link couplers will then be connected to the KF3. My question is; Can I use a cable rather than the one specified by AB in their manual? What kind of a cable is Belden #9842 (required cable of AB for this set-up)? Is it a 4-wire cable with a shield? A coax? Please help!

Belden #9842 is a shield RS-485 cable.
You can use RS-485 cable in your project because DH-485 is a RS-485 which one protocol.

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Beldon #9842 is an unarmoured, 2-pair, twisted #24 AWG stranded, tinned copper with a foil and 90% tinned copper braid shield and drain wire.
The cable has a nominal impedance of 120 ohms and a velocity of propagation of 66%. Nominal capacitance is 42.0 pf/metre. The cable is also available with an interlocked aluminium armoured for cable tray applications as a Beldon #129842. The cable is designed for RS-485 communications.


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