DH+ and DH485


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leonardo chacon

Hi to all I would like to know what are the differences between the protocols DH+ and DH485. I know some basic differences like speed, number of stations and limitations about distance. But for example I don't know if they have the same frame, or if they can be used in a redundant configuration. Thanks.
data Transmission speed is higher with DH+ and DH+ can hold way more nodes in its network at a longer distance.

Dave Ferguson

They are totally different. I am less familiar with DH485 but from what I understand it is a serial protocol whereas DH+ is a "token" passing protocol that can be used up to 256 K baud I believe. DH485 is slower. AB.com has details on the topics you are looking for. Dave Ferguson Blandin Paper Company UPM-Kymmene DAVCO Automation