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In my system Allen Bradley PLC system is connected to RS view using DH + network. I want to extend the network and put Wonderware's InTouch SCADA software. Has anybody tried it.


Wonderware's InTouch SCADA software? Wonderware has no traditional SCADA software offering like Intellution, GECimplicity, Citect, RSView, et al. And if you already have a technologically advanced HMI product like RSView already running, why would you ever want to add an old, clunker HMI on the same network? Wonderware hasn't updated their technology in almost 10 years and is now being over-run by the likes of those HMI's I mentioned above. If you truly want to extend your system, think about using Intellution, GECimplicity, Citect, RSView, USDATA, WinCC or even Iconics. Don't fall into Wonderware's trap. They tend to really embellish on their products capabilities.

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No problem. Very simple to implement. Easily expandable to inlude SQL based high speed historical data retrieval. Try that with any competitor's HMI product.

Eddie Shultz

What do you mean by "extend" your network? Also why would you not consider the advanced features and take advantage of the close integration that you can acheive with RSView and RSSql. Since you already have RSView I would seriously consider using it since Rockwell Software has a suite of products that is very well integrated.

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Wonderware has the DDE driver for AB DH+ which is ABPLC, you can install this with the interface card 1784-kt. When you run this program define dde topics in this.


you can load ABPLC in Rsview node and configure DDE tags in ABPLC (application name - RSVIEW). Now in Intouch node use netdde (wonderware supports this) and access all these tags in Intouch.



Trevor Ousey

Both RSView and Intouch use RSLinx. Intouch will also have a driver WWRSLinx which will connect through RSLinx. I have not tried both Scada packages on the one unit, but we have been using RSLogix 5 & 500, and Intouch or RSView on
the same machines all through RSLinx OEM. The only thing with DH+ is to structure the memory address used in the PLC efficiently.

Trevor Ousey
Can do,
We have done it 2 ways DDE(slow) and using WW OPC Link to the RS Linx Server in OPC mode, be careful to make sure they support OPC spec 2.0 , For a while they were at 1.0

ECG, Freddy del Toro Leyva

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the best variant is to use OPC non DDE between the intouch and the RS view, because the DDE is very slow if she/he has many variable and OPC it is but express allowing the architecture client-server of a plant net.

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