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Hello!!! I'm Marcelo from Argentine

1)We are comunicating with ControlLogix PLC through ethernet, we can read and write (int, real, boolean), we can do this thank to the help giving from ron gage, but we don't know and we failed in our work to write boolean arrays, have anabody idea about it?

2)Now we start to work in DH+ comunication with the same PLC, we preciate any help.

Thank in advance!!!
Marcelo (Hueso)

Matthew Miller


I don't have a solution for you. Actually we're just beginning to look into writing our own dh+ driver. Would we be able to look at a copy of your source code? You can email it to [email protected]

Thak you

God bless

Matt Miller
You should give Quest Technical Solutions a call (519.699.5886). We are a company that is made up of ex-SST (S-S Technologies) designers. I.E. We designed the SST DH+ network interface card, SST ControlNet cards, SST Profibus cards, etc. etc. We also do a lot of work with the ControlLogix platform (backplane modules for industrial networks). Ask for Lorne Diebel...
he will give you a fair price for consulting, if that is what you need in the end...

best regards,

Jim Stewart
Quest Technical Solutions
[email protected]