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I need a "DH+ to Modbus" or a "DH+ to DNP3" protocol converter (It exists?). Anybody can help me?
"www.prolinxgateways.com":http://www.prolinxgateways.com they offer a device that can take data available from one protocol and provide access to it from the other protocol. This device only passes data not programming instructions, etc.

To the best of my knowledge there are no devices on the market that would pass anything except data from one protocol to another protocol of a completely different type.
I gather that you want your data in DH+ to be made available to a remote Modbus or DNP 3.0 Master.

You will need three software components.

1. An OPC Server for DH+.

2. An OPC Server for Modbus or DNP 3.0 Slave.

3. An OPC Gateway to copy data between 1 and 2.

We already have 2 and 3.

You can buy 1 from a large number of vendors. e.g.







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Richard Theron - FieldServer

Hi Carlos
FieldServer Technologies "www.fieldserver.com":http://www.fieldserver.com can offer both solutions, DH+
to Modbus (RTU, TCP/IP or ASCII) or DH+ to DNP3.

They have a "Black Box" which they load two or more protocols into and then load a configuration which consists of mapping of the points from the one protocol to the other, to end up with a scenario of seamless integration.