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Steven Landau

Can anybody recommend a DH+ to Modbus Converter. I can't use a pro-soft card because the AB plc is from a OEM vendor won't warrantee if I change anything in the rack.

Steve Landau

Steve Landau

I have seen the specs and prices for both the SS Technologies Xlink and DataLink Technology unit.

SS tech is about 2x the price. Any thoughts on each.?

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Robert D. Wagner, P.E.

I have installations using the various DataLink units for almost ten years without a single problem. I've found them to be high quality compact units at a reasonable price.

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Robert D. Wagner, P.E.

Andrew Piereder

The X-Link DH+ to Modbus solution is flawless (after more installations that I can accurately remember). I can't comment on the DL2000 solution.

Andy Piereder
Pinnacle IDC
DataLink's DL2000-CMX Modbus to DH+ interface has a single pc card module with CPU, firmware in flash and built-in serial network interfaces. A single board design is less expensive to manufacture than a "universal" protocol converter such as SST's XLink that has a CPU board and one or more plug-in pc cards. Universal converters
are usually more flexible and cost effective in multi-network / multi-protocol applications.

Colin Marsh
DataLink Technologies, Inc.
I used both X-Link and DL2000.
I would recommend X-Link, not DL2000.

Won Shin, P. Eng.
Senior Control Systems Engineer
Fluor Daniel Canada Inc.