DH485 With 1784-KT


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Joseph Doty

Hi List...

What cable do I use with my A/B 1784-KT to communicate DH485?
I know to use the 1784-CP for PLC5 and 1784-CP2 for PLC2. But what cable for SLC5/01 or /02?

Thank you list....


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Michael Moskin

Joseph, the 1784-KT does not support DH485. You would need a 1784-KTX(D) or PKTX(D) for DH485 communications.


Mike, RA Technical Support
Hi again and thank you for the information..

But.. I talked to Rockwell and they tell me it does. I was told to use the Rockwell Software Inc. S5-103 cable which I have (lucky me for keeping the old cables)=)...It supports 9600 and 19200 baud rate. Also RsLinx and Wintelligent linx support the S5-103 ..

I should sell the idea on Ebay=)...Make some cables..

Configuration in RSLinx lets you change the KT from DH+ to DH485..Kewl.. I just checked it..

Thanks Mike and List..


Michael Moskin

Joseph, you're correct. I was looking in the design spec's for the KT info, I forgot about all of the old Icom (RSI) cables.