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Sergey Kukushkin

What is the best way to get communication health status for all RIOs in the system to HMI by using Modbus TCP protocol? We are using Quantum PLC with four RIOs and Concept for programming it.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!
To get the status from Quantum Project, there is a predefined block ready-to-use in your application. Named: RIOSTAT. With this block in Concept you can ask the desired RIO drop's cards healthy states.

Or you can use also the PLCSTAT block in Concept, which has 160 words to display your RIO network status. The advance is that these words are continuously ordered, specially for HMI purpose.

5 words are reserved per RIO Drop, but you need only the first 2 words from 5, if you use Quantum DROP Modules. If you use old B800 racks, then all of 5 words per RIO could provide informations about the slot's healthy status.

dan armstrong

Use the STAT function block to load a set of holding registers. Then you can look at individual bits in certain words. The STAT block can provide up to 277 words of info. I have also used the MSTR block and the local statistics function to show all addresses present on a MB+ network.
We use:
1. RIOSTAT for analyse modules health and messages "Drop ... Module ... Failure" or "Drop ... Module ... OK".

2. PLCSTAT, output DIO_STAT for analyse RIO bus health and messages "Drop ... Cannel A (B) RIO Failure" or "Drop ... Cannel A (B) RIO OK".

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We are using the same type of modicon with concept 2.6 SR3 A,B, the problem that the CHS bit is not changing any where even you swap the Host and Standby PLCs.
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