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Eddie L. Robinson

My company is supplying a process control system to a Mexican company in the town of Queretaros, Mexico. We are interested in providing remote
maintenance and troubleshooting of the system after installation and start-up form here in the USA. I want to know if anyone has had
experience with remote dial-up access (internet) to Mexico and if so what Internet service provider did you use?

Eddie L. Robinson
PEAT, inc.
Hi, Eddie
I don't know what kind of device you want to control by modem. If it is a PC, you have Laplink, PC anywhere (Symantec), VNC( which is a
freeware provided by Oracle I think ).
You can find it at http://www.orl.co.uk/vnc/
For my applications, I use PC Anywhere to make remote control. At the moment, I use a direct call (or call-back) but it is possible to make a remote control through internet. You have a full access to the PC slave, the network,...
It is quite reliable. I don't have used the internet connection.( you don't need a special provider). I have made tests with VNC through internet. The version I used was complicated to utilize. You have to know the IP address of the computer slave (connected to internet). I didn't have access to network. There is no tools for file transfer. I don't know the evolution of the new versions.

J-F Portala
SoViLor company