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A call to Dictionaries...

As there seem to be some lurkers on the list speaking both English and German I would like to ask them whether they would like to help in
checking some German vs. English terms. I already use Siemens' dictionary, which is quite good -- but unfortunately seems to contain sometimes translations which appear to me awkward, especially when it comes to process control engineering.

For historical reasons, over here in Germany we have in the field of process control (and process control engineering, where my background
currently is) a more or less, but probably less, thorough set of terms. However, quite some German terms do not map well to English terms, and
often one has to deal with different levels of abstraction and jargon (like Foxboro's "application workstations", not to mention many others).
Another example is the famous "Prozessnahe Komponente", which is a rather generic term for a station located near-process, like field
controllers, etc. As you already might notice even this translation is rather incomplete.

Are there people who would like to help me finding appropriate English terms for German and vice versa? (BTW -- it would help me for my PhD


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