Diesel fuel flow meter recommendation


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Steve Darden

We are seeking a low-rate flow meter package with these parameters:

1. fluid is perfectly clean diesel fuel
2. flow rates of approx 0.2 to 3.0 US gal/minute
3. remote sensor preferred so digital display can be conveniently mounted
4. totalizer function is desired, not mandatory 5. internal battery power,
or 24VDC (or 12VDC) external power
6. sensor pipe thread size ideally 1/8 or 1/4" NPT or BSP. 7. accuracy of 1% desired, but 2% acceptable

Suggestions would be much appreciated. We are located in Tasmania, so email or URL leads would be the easiest for followup.

Many thanks,

Steve Darden
Adagio Marine Ltd.
Hobart, TAS 7001

Peter Forrester

We are currently using COX flowmeters to measure heating oil flow in and out of boilers. They mount inline with the pipe and give a 4-20 mA
output. We are measuring 0 - 2 l/s but they make al sorts of ranges. Their internet address is www.cox-instrument.com. Any more questions,
just ask.
We offer a no moving parts solution that is especially attractive for this application. Our "Series/LFE" meter uses a proprietary laminar flow element (LFE) with an industrial grade DP transmitter. The Series/LFE has a field cleanable / replaceable element. This improves maintainability by allowing field cleaning should there be particulates. High accuracy & turndown are possible with NIST traceable calibration. The transmitter can be of a variety of well known brands with international support. Please visit our website at: http://inflowinc.com and click on "Products" for further information.

John Catch
[email protected]

We need the pressure and temperature to recommend a flow control.

But - Just to clear up few things up. Your flow rate is between .2 and 3 which I thought might be the flow "on filling" the tanks as 3 gpm needs about 64 psi to pump 100’. But then with a fitting size of 1/4" meaning the pipe size is about 1/4" - then that would not be the fill line. That’s a lot of fuel??

Could it be 0.2 to 0.3?

Maybe if you tell me the engine make and HP, I can get detailed information locally. Do you want a digital dial with a totalizer or just flow?

E mail direct if you want via our web at www.almegcontrols.com

Thanks Bob Hogg

Patrick Daniel

Lake Monitors Inc. has what you need. Everything you described for your requirement matches the products engineered by this company. The E-Mail address is http://www.lakemonitors.com. Search for your specific needs and if you need more information, then call Dan Williams, his number is 800-850-6110, 8 am to 4:30 pm, CST. They even send a sample to you for testing, and if it doen't meet your specifications then return the product to no cost to you.

John Kamerosky


Thanks for the referal. I would like to learn more regarding your application. If there is anything that we here at COX Instrument can do for you please contact me (John Kamerosky)at [email protected]. I am the Instrument Sales Manager here at COX.