Diff between PLC5 Ch 0 and slc500 Ch 0


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rajesh kenge

The settings in PLC5 for Ch 0 are Ascii, Point to point , DF1 master and DF1 slave. The settings for slc 5/04 using rslogix for Channel 0 are DF1 Full duplex, DF1 Half duplex master , DF1 Half duplex slave and ASCII.

IF PLC5 on the network is set as DF1 slave then what should I keep the setting of the SLC 5/04

Shoud it be DF1 Full Duplex or DF1 Half duplex Master???

Pls. help me.
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Rajesh Kenge
You should configure the SLC 5/04 to DF1 Half Duplex master. I think that if you have two PLC´s (PLC-5 and 5/04) the best communication is DF1 Full Duplex (in both PLC´s chanels).

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