Difference between DCS and ESD


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I am a beginner in the industry. I would like to find out the difference between the DCS and ESD. Also why they use different transmitters.
normally DCS is slow system relative to ESD
ESD mostly is SIL2 or SIL3 & mostly without Analoge output.
ESD mostly redundant in CPU, PS, Communication media, DI modules, DO modules, Ai modules.
ESD transimmeter is SIL 2 at least.
ESD mostly using SFC language & some of them using ladder.
the best manufacturer of ESD is HIMA Pauls, Triconix......
Schneider Electric will launch IS3 for SIL2 application soon also.
DCS \control the plant operation

ESD \ stop`s the plant operation hope u know this.

normally DCS works.

normally ESD in reading the plant stauts.

when Control system is in out of control(process going behind the control limit) then ESD system take action and put it in control means shutdown whole Plant.

to desing the ESD system u have to follow all safety standrad.
for one ESD system u have to calculate SIL level and PFD.

hope u can understand this
if u need more detail mail me

2) why different transmitter
if ur using one transmitter for both ur loop PFD is more and not safe .if that transmitter fails safety system take action then whole plant process get stop.

so we have to use two transmitter even u cant use normal transmitter for safety ,u have to take latest SIL 2 transmitterr.

if ur taking normal transmitter for ESD input then u configure as safety standard 2oo3 method.

if u have to know more about this concept pls read ESD system manual.
ESD is designed for safety actions (trip, shutdown) with certain specifications (sil) and DCS is the plant manager (controls the process).

can you please give us more information sources or links for ESD, and does it means Emergency Shutdown Devices, thanks in advance.