Difference between DSP motion IC and CMOS motion IC


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Eric Ting

Hi ..

1.I came to know that they are 2 different type of motion control IC. One is using DSP technology and the other type is using CMOS technology.
I would like to know more of its differences and its advantages of these IC. Pls help me out.

2.Another thing can someone advice me which webpage I can read more literature on motion control especially motion control IC.

G. Hossein Mazarei

Hi Eric Ting
Today, there are some motion control algorithms which need a lot of calculation for control of the ac motors, this large amount of calculations are due to nonlinear model of motors . Or some times ,when we want to start a complex control algorithms for this purpose like sensorless flux vector control. In these situation a DSP processor can be used because of its high speed operations specially hardware mathematic operations. For more information in this regard you can see http://www.ti.com Texas instrument has developed some DSP processor specially for motion control algorithms, spome literature in this regard is included too. The most advanced family of them is TMS320F240 familly.
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G. H. Mazarei
Hi Eric,

DSP and CMOS are two different things and are not mutually exclusive.

CMOS = Complementary Metal - Oxide Semiconductor
DSP = Digital Signal Processor.

CMOS refers to the electrical (physical) characteristics of the integrated circuit. DSP is more a reference to the functionality of the
chip. In fact, a DSP is nothing more than a microprocessor with a few more on-board functions suited for signal processing. There is nothing
that prevents a DSP being fabricated with CMOS technology.

2. Don't rule out the low-tech option of asking your local distributors and/or integrators for information about motion control. Not all the best info is on the net just yet...

Oh, I almost forgot: I think one of the trade mags that crosses my desk is actually called "Motion Control Magazine" or just plain "Motion Control". You might try a search on that...

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