Difference MOSFET, MOS, NMOS and CMOS


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Rushi Shroff

MOSFET has two types-D & E but exactly how it is different from MOS and CMOS? Again what is nMOS ?

curt wuollet

The two MOSFET modes are enhancement and depletion. In one the bias increases the current and in the other decreases it. And between MOSFET and the others, there is no difference. All the processes you name produce MOSFETs. IIRC, NMOS or PMOS refers to the doping of the initial substrate the process begins with, which determines the doping order of all the subsequent diffusions. CMOS is a process that can produce both N channel and P channel FETs with reasonably identical characteristics. The channel is the actual current carrying part of the FET and its type is important as it must be reverse biased from its surrounding material. So, really, all these are just process types to produce MOSFETs with particular characteristics. And there are others that don't fit into these broad classifications.