Different trips and protection of GE frame 9E gas tubrine

Have a look at the Trip Display on the HMI, and if you have questions you can ask them here.

You should also be able to find training manuals from when the unit was commissioned which should have more information on trips and protections. Ack your co-workers and/or your Supervisor for access to training materials.

Trips and protections for GE-design heavy duty gas turbines are NOT specific to Frame sizes--they are pretty universal because most GE-design heavy duty gas turbines are very similar. Why did I mention this? Because you have found this site, Control.com, where there is about two decades (that's twenty years) of previous threads about all manner of things related to GE-design heavy duty gas turbine control and protection. There is a search field at the top of EVERY Control.com webpage, and you can customize searches, too. So, start searching--and, again, if you have specific questions you can ask them here. BUT, it's pretty sure that once you start searching you will learn more than you thought you ever would.
The informations that you tryin to get are GE proprietary...

what kind of Technical manuals do you got at your disposition...?
Did you ever try to ook on the TRIP log view file /Trip history...