Differential Pressure to Mass Flow Rate


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David T Crawford

I am an engineering student trying to find a simple program for converting my reading from a 3" and 4" annubar pressure differential (% of 30" and 6" H2O) for different compressor output.
Annubar is a fixed geometry type of DP producer. You just need to apply the formula in the catalog. Certainly you need more input process information. Weight density (upstreamm of the annubar). If the laboratory does not give, then you must look for the properties of your fluid based on Temperature/pressure... The formula will guide you for other corrections to apply.

Mike Seabrook

Bernoulli's equation: p = 0.5 * rho * v^2. The Annubar has a cunning arrangement of holes that supposedly averages the velocity across the pipe, so there is no profile factor. The catch is the density (rho). If you are flowing gas, you will need to measure (or guess) it.