Differents Modbus ?


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H. Sifon

which is the difference between Modbus and gould Modbus. Are they compatible? which is the difference between modbus and modbus plus?. I am a bit loss. How many differents Modbus are?. Where could I get something to learn more about
it? because there is a lot of information and I don't know what should I read first?
Thanks !!!!
"www.modbus.org":http://www.modbus.org is a great place to find information on modbus, modbus plus,
modbus TCP/IP

To answer your questions I believe that gould modbus is the same as modbus. Modbus Plus is a proprietary Modicon token passing buss that uses the modbus protocol, and can only be connected to modbus through a bridging device. You will also here a term JBUS which is a modified version of modbus that is for the most part compatible with modbus with a few thing like max number of byte
sent at a time, and max number of address that are possible differing slightly.

I hope this helps.
There should be no difference. Modbus protocol is an open system and there may be minor difference between manufacturers, but that should be limited to reduced functionality not incompatibility.

History, first there was Modicon, then came Gould-Modicon, followed by AEG-Modicon. Groupe
Schneider bought them next, and now they are known as Schneider Electric. In all cases same
company different owners.