Difficulty in using Intellution(FIX) software


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Dear Sir,

We have a PLC which is proprietary product of SPA Computers Ltd. We have implemented MODBUS protocol,so that our PLC can communicate over a LAN.,where a PC is a Master and No.of PLC s which are connected are Slaves.we want to test the our software by using Intellution(FIX). But in intellution,while using SYSTEM CONFIGURATION it is asking IP adress of Primary backup device and Secondary backup device.,.but our PLC doesn't have any Ip Address.Instead of that we have just node number. So how can we implement it.?
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It sounds like you have the wrong Modbus driver loaded in the Intellution Software. There are three methods to communicate to Modicon.

Modbus Serial (ASCII or RTU Mode)
Modbus Plus
Modbus TCP/IP

From your description you have the Modbus TCP/IP driver installed.

Robert Willis
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Houston, Texas
hi there,
HMI software only read the mapping with the correct address, if you connect only oneway, PC direct to Controller/PLC, I suggest :
make sure you got handshaking, by testing with Modbus Simulator, try get and send some data,if you can get this properly, it should be no problem with FIX,
if you want to connect that PC through LAN or whatever, you can installed as OPC, so you can get any info from DCOM or DDE.
From what i understand the PLC you are using may just have a Modbus driver on it. In that case load the Modbus driver and try communicating.
The other way out could be if the PLC you are using could have an addon card with ETHERNET connectivity. Then you could use the Modbus TCP/IP of Ifix.