Digital input

We have the following DI card from Siemens 6DL1131-6BL00-OPH1, which can have a 1 wire configuration. Can this card be wired to a 3 wire PNP sensor. With the 24v+ and 0v coming from a power supply and the signal going to an input channel?

Thank you
I'm often mystified how some out there manage to wire PLC hardware - gone are the days of 2 wires for every i/p [or 3 wire when proximity switches arrived in 2 or 3 wire formats] ? So 1 wire must be really confusing !

A 3 wire PNP sensor can be wired to a 24vDC power supply; providing it is the same power supply for the input card then the 3rd sensor wire can go to one i/p channel. The next complication is the card sink or source ? the spec. says YES ! which means it has to be configured to suit.

Generally the PNP transistor 'pulls' the output voltage up on sensor activation, but I would check to confirm.
If so then 'sink' is the required configuration.