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Hi all,

new to this board, so I hope to get to "meet" you all at some point.

I just have a question about getting transfer functions from a simulation model. In my case, I have built an analog PID controller using PSIM, but i think this idea can be applicable to any simulation model.

So basically, since I am not very adept at the maths, i decided to simulate my control loop in simulation and then manually determined the Ki, Kd, and Kp values of my PID controller. My overall goal of my project is to implement a digital PID controller, so this implies I would have to change my model to a z-domain transfer function.

I know that once i have a continuous (s-domain) function, i can apply transformations like the bi-linear transformation to get a z-domain equation, but as i stated above, i do not know how to get the original transfer function of my controller from looking at my simulation model.

does anybody have any tips for this math newbie on how to get started? Also curious to know if anyone has experience using PowerSIM and the s2z converter.

All help is appreciated! thank you