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have a question about digital servo drivers with a resolver feedback.

Now I know the basic difference between an encoder and a resolver. At the company I work for they have a machine that is using Lenze AC tech driver with a resolver feedback. We got two of them that went bad. Unfortunately Lenze company no longer make this type of drives, and we been having a hard time to find one on the internet. We have found some but with an encoder feedback type. So my question is, can you use a digital servo driver with an encoder feedback in place of a one with a resolver feedback.

James Ingraham

Probably not. The motor almost certainly has a resolver on it, which would be incompatible with the encoder inputs on the drive. So you'd have to replace the motor, too. Also, the wiring is probably different, so you'd have to pull a new feedback cable.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.
It's impossible at all! The resolver is analog position sensor with sine/cos output produced under applying high frequency analog excitation. The encoder has digital A,B signals as a rule.