Dim Awareness on Quantum


William L. Mostia, Jr

"Dim Awareness" in a Modicon PLC means that the PLC does not have a valid configuration in it. It should go away if you online configure it or download a configuration.


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Anthony Kerstens

Dim awareness is the off-the-shelf state of Modicon processors. It means that there is no configuration or logic in the processor. This state will also reappear if you take the battery out and power down to clear the memory. It does not matter whether you're using Nxt, Modsoft, Proworx Plus, or Concept, the processor will be in dim awareness.

This is not an error. It is a state. In fact, it a pretty good indication that you're starting with a clean slate.

Just download a configuration.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
I believe the reason for "dim awareness" is that you need to download a "traffic cop" or Rack designation with modules and the model of the Quantum. It is "dumb" to what is in it's world until you tell it. Loading a program won't work unless the cpu knows what is expected.

Rob Entzinger

Dim awareness originates from the old Modicon P190 programming unit. Today in the Quantum range the term is "not Configured"

Both occur when one purchase a new Controller.