Dim function for SCADA screen


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For a project we need to dim the SCADA screen due to day and night influences. Windows does not provide such possibility. Neither does the SCADA package.

Idee is to put a dimmer the VGA connection that can be controlled by a variable resistor.

Do you know suppliers or other (better) ideas???

Should work on any PC without special hardware in the PC.

Curt Wuollet

As an alternative approach, you might consider adding a sensor to the monitor. Most are adapted to DC control since they use DACs for the on screen controls. Simply adding or subtracting a milliamp or two at the right point would do what you want and the electronics would be elegantly simple. Playing with the gamma and keeping signal and sync integrity is non-trivial.



Wolfgang Papesch

we provide a SCADA package which handels color databases too. You can define names (like hot_water)for colors which can be used as well in control scripts.....
To switch from day to night design is just a matter of switching the color definition.
for further information see at http://www.pvss.com