Din Rail Mount outlet box

Hi Steven,

I've been looking for these for years with no luck.....The only one I've seen is made by Phoenix Contact, but it's just a plain-old duplex
receptacle, which I personally find pretty ugly. There are a variety of really nice looking DIN-rail mounted outlets available for European plugs,
but nothing for US style plugs. I sure wish someone like Murr Elektronik would offer one! On my panels, I still resort to using the standard 2"x 4" utility box with single receptacle and cover, with a Heyco bushing in the knockout....It's the best I've come up with so far! ;o(

Here's the only link I found to the Phoenix Contact unit. It's not in their catalog...


Let me know if you come across a better one!

- Eric Nelson
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Packaging Associates Automation Inc. [email protected]
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Glass, Philip



Phoenix Contact sells this item but you have to do some searching to find it.
It's not pretty but it will suffice.

Philip L. Glass
Brown and Caldwell

Phillip Costantinou

acme electric has one that looks nice
www.acmepowerdist.com but i couldn't find it
on their web site; it is in their catalog, called
a dr5262i is 15A, and the drg5262i is a 15A GFI
acme, 800-334-5214
I know that Pheonix Contact and Weidmuller make them.
BTW: I found using a standard metal outlet box mounted directly to the panel was less expensive and more robust.

Eric M. Klintworth

Yes! (after years of waiting):
Acme Electric DR5261I (other part numbers have GFCI recp); not on their web site or:
Phoenix Contact EM-DUO "Convenience Power Outlet" series (several part numbers), <http://www.em-duo.com>. Phoenix contact has a little broader
selection of receptacle types.

These products are essentially identical; I've used both--I standardized on the one my local distributor stocks. They consist of a Hubbell
Walltrac single gang surface mount box with a Phoenix contact DIN rail mount on the back, a three pole terminal block on the bottom, and a
receptacle inside. Price (for non-GFCI type) is just under $30.

Eric M. Klintworth, PE
Sharp Technologies, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio