DIN-Rail Mounted Potentiometers?


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Russ Miller

I know I've seen them in the past, a small, DIN-rail mountable potentiometer. Now that I'm looking for one, I can't seem to find one.

Murr makes one, it's very nice, but way too expensive for the project. I'm looking for simple and inexpensive.

Maybe someone else out there has seen one?
You can get empty DIN rail adaptors from a lot of sources. I have seen people simply buy a pot, make a mounting bracket for it, and put that on the DIN rail adaptor. It's not that much work, and you have a better choice of pots that way.

curt wuollet

One or maybe more of the AD wannabes carries small housings that mount on a DIN rail and they are fairly reasonable. All you would have to do is drill one hole and buy a pot and knob. I can't recall their name but they were big on connectors, power supplies, lights,
buttons, etc. I also had good results googling DIN rail enclosure.

This isn't an exact answer, but we often use the phoenix (or Wago) din rail PCB carriers and fabricate some simple bent sheetmetal to hold the pots. You might also be able to use PCB mount pots as well depending on your needs.

If you are looking just for 1 unit, go with the Murr. You will have peace of mind. If you are looking for hundreds of units, you can sub-contract to an electronic firm in your area. good luck