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I am working on a system that, if I had a better budget, I would use A-B control logix without a dought. However my budget is very limited. Recently I recieved a catalog from automation direct. Their plc's are much cheaper than A-B and claim to be just as good. They sent a copy of there programing software, I hate it, but I can get used to it, I think. I need to know if
anyone has worked with these plc's and what their opinion is.

Jennifer Powell


Michael R. Batchelor

They work well enough. Clearly they aren't as robust as the Control Logix line, but there's nothing wrong with them.
I have worked with both. You get what you pay for. Automation direct is great for OEM who needs a low cost and can average out engineering cost over several sales. AB contrologix is FAR better features for any standard/custom
engineered job. It supports all the fancy comm cards, does bridging across communication networks, is fast, and the software is much better (still not as good as their PLC5 software). If you need simple relay replacement, go Koyo. If you need floating numbers, MMI control, fancy control logic, or something
compatible with a lot of networks, go with ControlLogix.

James Ingraham

Assuming you don't need motion control, a CompactLogix might work. It was considerably cheaper, has plenty of I/O options, and can be a DeviceNet master. The I/O is the same as the MicroLogix I/O, and is also called Compact I/O. It can also talk Ethernet/IP and be a DeviceNet slave, but it does those through DF1 serial converters so you lose speed. Still, all in all a very nice package at a very reasonable price, all programmed with RSLogix 5000. I think it's the 1769 line.

Sage Automation, Inc.

The 405 series is working in the water treatment plant analysis room (high humidity, no temperature conditioning etc.) for 4 years. Up to now no problems. In addition as I have heard Koyo was some years ago producing for Siemens (under Siemens name) some models of PLCs.

For smaller plants which have to be cost-effective good solution.


Sam Robinson

We've been using AutomationDirect PLC's, touch pannels and Optimate pannels for several years. We also have AB SLC systems inhouse. Koyo PLC,s are not suited very well for motion control but for logic control of production machines they are the way to go. The 205 series are very powerfull for their size and cost. The programming software, Directsoft32 is very user friendly and I'd choose it over RSLogic500 every time.

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Piotr Kowalski

I did some projects based on DL105, DL405 and DL435 - for 3-4 years they work with no problem.
My opinion: good PLC for its price.
Piotr Kowalski

Steve Myres, PE

Several of the posts have stated the programming software as a significant drawback to the use of the Koyo stuff. I think the programming
application is excellent. Reminiscent of the old TI5x5 series, very quick ladder entry. My beef is with the instruction set in the
processor. Automation Direct in their ubiquitous AB comparison ads, always likes to show how they have 150 instructions compared to AB's 78, or whatever. What they don't tell you is that it takes 2-3 instructions to do what a SLC can do in one.
right now, I play with DirectLogic PLC (Koyo) due our client needed, before I installed and used AB for another project . something on both PLC nearly similar. Ladder programming AB is easier with RSLogix, but Koyo is cheaper and not bad. So depent your budget.

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