Directly Using C or C++ to communicate with AB Micro Logix 1000 PLC


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I was wondering if it was possible to use C, C++ or Matlab and feed into the RS LOGIX 500 software to send instructions to a MicroLogix1000 PLC

Is there any software available which can convert C,C++ to ladder Logic and if its compatible with the MicroLogix1000

C to ladder converter: I'm not aware of any and its unlikely anyone will want to take on the liability of creating such a beast.

You can write C programs (or any other language for that matter) to communicate with the Micrologix PLC as an interface, but RSLogix 500 is not the software to use. You must use RSLinx to communicate with the PLC. Even RSLogix 500 uses RSLinx for the acutal communicaiton with the PLC. One little sticky point: with your RSLogix 500 you got a copy of RSLinx lite, which will run with Rockwell software packages. If you want to use some other package, you have to upgrade to RSLinx professional. Seems Rockwell will hook you for the $$ one way or another. You'll also have to dig up the protocols. Try "": , there's
tons of info there.