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Steven Landau

Does anybody have a recommendation for low cost control system with Panelview type display and Logic Engine?

I saw that one was avalable from Parker, and PLCDirect.

Does anybody have good luck/experience with these.
Alternatively I would use a AB Micrologix and Panelview.

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Kirk S. Hegwood

I've used Automationdirect (PLCDirect) with good success. Their CE version comes with software but you'll have to pick out the I/O rack and cards separate. Easy to use.

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Total Control Products (TCP) make a small color touchscreen with a built in controller. I haven't implemented this model, but have had success with their standard touchscreens.

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Matthew da Silva

Yes, we have the EST 240Z which has an English-language loader and a RISC processor. The display has a gateway function that enables communications functionality for PLCs having none. Also, no special driver is needed for specific makes and model (of PLC, just ask). And, only one communications port in the PLC is required. display supports 256 colors, bitmapped
images, and multi-value trends.

Direct connection to the proces controller also shortens the read/write time requirement.

Please contact the sender if you want more information.
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Bob Dannenfelser

We have developed a control system for Plant Utility Systems around the OCS family from Horner Electric, also available from GE/Fanuc. Each unit has controller (logic), I/O, MMI (varies as to type) and communication (CAN, DeviceNet or Ethernet). Works great for us! Fast as all get out too! Check out www.heapg.com for the OCS for more details.
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