Displaying a message on Sartorius X4 controller by Profibus Communication


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Dharma patil

We wish to display Message/Predefined text on Sartorius X4 process controller by using PROFIBUS.

X4 process controller is connected by Profibus to Rockwell using Prosoft. Communication is established. Weight we are reading. We wish to display some messages on X4.
How is the data being pushed to the X4 over Profibus? Is this data part of the Output data? If this is the case then you would simply place the information in the tag for the Outputs, and this will be pushed to the X4 as a slave.

Or is the data supposed to be sent as an Acyclic Write message? If this is the case, then you would build an Acyclic write message to the slave.

If you have the user manual for the X4 device, if you could email that to [email protected] (along with the GSD file of the slave device) then we should be able to help with letting you know where to place data to send to the device.