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Hey I'm looking for Distributed Control System Tutorial or any book link so I can read about it.

I'm posting some topics those I'd like to read.

UNIT 1. INTRODUCTION- Hierarchical organization for a process computer control and computer system structure for a manufacturing complex. Centralized and distributed control concept. Lower level and higher level computer tasks and duties. Functional requirement of DPCS.Aims of plant automation and distributed computer control systems and subsystems. DPCS system configuration and integration with PLCs and computers.

UNIT 2. ARCHITECTURE- Overviews of DPCS, systems architectures, data base organization. DPCS elements, comparison of different DPCS systems, state of the art in DPCS, configuration of control unit, different cards (I/O, O/P , Memory , PLC etc) system implementation concepts, work stations and its key - functions and function chart.

UNIT 3. DCS DISPLAYS- Standard and user defined displays, continuous process display, Ground display, overview display, detail display, graphic display, trend display, loop display, alarm summary display, annunciator display, batch/ sequence display, tuning display, tuning panel ,instrument faceplate ,etc

DATA COMMUNICATIONS LINKS AND PROTOCOL - Communication Hierarchy (point to point to field bus) Network requirements, ISO reference model

UNIT 4. Transmission media ,network topologies, internetworking , data transmission , bus access methods ,error handling Field buses ,MAP and TOP Protocols. Features and capabilities of various field buses. FB standardization, comparison of MODBUS, PROFIBUS and FIPBUS, HART protocol and DEVICE NET CONTROL NET their functions, Network structure. DCS buses, LAN in DCS (including optical LAN) IEEE project 802 on LAN implementation

UNIT 5 DCS CONTROL FUNCTIONS- control unit, sequential control, system maintenances, utility, switch instrument, batch system builder, graphic builder, feedback control builder, security, and process reporting function etc
hey u can get sum material from the book R.K.Jain (mechanical and industrial measurements) and Liptak (process control)...