DNP 3.0 serial simulator?


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jose luis

I need to test a couple of DNP 3.0 IO Servers, I was wondering if there is any simulator software that can be installed on a separate computer and using a serial null modem cable conecct it and simulate a DNP 3.0 slave.

Do you know something about it?


Our DNP 3.0 OPC Server can be configured as a slave or master.

Both slave and master fully supports DNP subset Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Any Objects and variations in the slave can be placed in class 1, class 2 or class 3.

Serial Link, TCP/IP and UDP/IP are supported.

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Alexander Beketov jr.


As I see from your mail to A-List, you wrote DNP 3.0 server.
So, you have whole DNP standard.
Can you mail it to me or just place it on any www or ftp site?
I write simulators and servers too for our system. I have some
protocols, some already done servers and Modbus serial simulator
(it can simulate a big network with a lot of nodes).
Now I'm finishing simulator for AdLink network (Advantech
Adam-4000 series modules, ICP DAS I-7000 modules, NuDAM Nu-6000
modules and so on).
If you mail me the standard I would write the DNP simulator.
By the way, I daon't make a secrets from my code so all of my
projects is open-source.

Thank you.

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People, help needed. I am trying to find a supplier for the source come library for DNP3 Slave and Master. We have projects with utilities needing the DNP3.

Any one have suggestions to suppliers of the librarys

Fred Loveless

We use Trianlge Microworx DNP simulator as one of our test applications along with with physical hardware. Triangle is the #1 provider of protocol code stacks to the industry for DNP software and hardware developemnt. They are the standard to which every one tests.

Fred Loveless
Senior Application Engineer
Kepware Technoligies