Document ladder from Texas instruments model 305 10 d t/c


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Dr Sapo

We have an old Texas instruments model 305 10 d t/c.
We are migrating to AB because we don´t have support anymore to that Texas PLC.
So, I don´t have manual, vendor printer device, or other thing!!!
Does anybody know if it is possible get the ladder diagram from that texas using a simple serial printer? If yes, how can we do that?
I don´t want to rewrite the entire ladder. It is a hard job!!


Marcio Nikiel

Gyorgy Veszpremi

I am afraid you will be disapointed but if I am not mistaken it cannot be done. Even if you were able to upload the program into the PC you would miss the description of I/Os.

Good luck.

P.S. I may be able to find the TI program editor somewhere.

Steve Bailey

The TI 305 is now the Automation Direct DL305. Go to the Automation Direct website for information on support for their legacy products. Koyo, the company that owns Automation Direct is the company that engineered and manufactures that product.
We just went through this same thing in our plant. I had a siematic 305 power supply go bad in a accessory plc controls in a motoman robotic assembly unit. The unit was 8 years old and we never had digital backup or ability to
upload/download to that plc. I wound up purchasing the original ladder logic for the vendor, buying software from automation direct and the DCU (the TI305s require a comunications unit to connect to a PC). I also had to replace the TI 330 PLC and power supply rack. The good news is after $1,200 the unit functions fine, uploading the program was simple . . . new programs however may be more difficult.

I agree with all that has been said already, but would also like to add my bit...

Don't forget that TI PLCs were bought by Siemens & most of the tech support staff (at least here in the UK) went to work for Siemens.

It may be work contacting Siemens to see if they can help out. After all they did claim that support for the products would continue.