Does anyone have electronic copies of GE TILs?

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Alexander Yakovlev

First of all let me say "Hello!" to the community, as this is my first post here.

<b>Moderator's Note:</b> I have mostly quit posting requests for GE documentation. I am breaking my habit for this one. I am going to say upfront, if you can supply the documents this man wants, kindly reply. If not, please don't clutter up the thread.

Being a supplier of gas turbine equipment my company has entered into a reconstruction project dealing with GE engines. In this regard I have received several TILs from the customer, namely 1813, 1639, 1619 and 1602.

The problem with these TILs is that they are in Russian and the translation quality is rather poor (probably done by a non-specialist third party.
That is why I am looking for listed TILs in their original version and if anybody will be a saint and help me with this - I'd be very grateful.

The most obvious way is to ask GE - but it seems they do not provide information to companies not being their formal customers.

So if anyone has GE TILs 1813, 1639, 1619 and 1602 - please let me know by an answer to this post or by e-mail to [email protected]

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

as the moderator notes the "sharing" of information is a difficult and sticky task these days. May I suggest that you attempt to join a users group or suggest the customer attempt to join a group. I am a member of a group as a "user" and have access to TIL's, or can request these from other "users". GE used to make all TIL's available to a user of a specific Frame type. Recently they have begun to only make TIL's available that they believe only apply based on fuel type or generator etc.

I can tell you that the TIL's you are requesting pertain to:
TIL 1639-Not available
TIL 1813-Hydraulic Actuator Stability Improvements

I wish I could be of more help, but I hope the suggestions may help you and your customer.

Alexander Yakovlev

Thanks for the advice - yesterday I have tried to register as a member of the users group to obtain an SSO to TIL library - but they tell it takes up to 5 business days to validate the registration. Forwarded this task to the customer.

As for the names of TILs you've mentioned, I have them at hand, e.g. 1639 stands for protection in case of exhaust gas temperature increase on 6FA+E. Again, the problem with my TILs is the translation - it's just poor. And that is not the thing we would like to make a mistake in.