Does anyone have the experience with Aspic 3.30?

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I just answered Christian at other discussion forum, so I put my opinion to here too:

If you want an HMI to visualize your on-line and database content with the need of simple programming you should evaluate this Aspic 3.30. I know this software for many years and can say that this is very friendly to use for small and medium size systems. They just released the new license policy where you can get the version with 10 tags for FREE. They also supply many OPC Servers for Siemens, Modicon, Mitsubishi etc. If you do not need a super features of a graph module, you should try this software.

I am just evaluating its new scada hmi Aspic MP. It looks to me much more powerful, the editor is great. When I have more info, I will place it here. The link to new Aspic MP is