Does anyone know how to use Stepper Motors?


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I need references about stepper motors. Catalogs would help, but I need manuals, resources.

Do you have any idea on how to use a 3.5" floppy drive stepper? Do you know its specifics, parameters or description?

Please mail me, I would really appreciate it. I'm currently researching on stepper motor controllers and robotics...
The last 3.5 floppy stepper motor I messed was while helping one of my kids do a science project The motor had the stepper driver built in. I just connected 12Vdc (from two lantern batteries) and viola, we had a spining color wheel. I doubt that the floppy drive motors have varied much since then.
If you're looking for general information, the front of the Parker/Compumotor catalog has served me well as a reference on several occasions.

They build the theory behind a stepper up from near zero, and it's pretty easy to read through.


Simon Wakley

Hi, If you ran a motor with just 12V then it was not a stepper motor, it was a DC servo. The drive is usually a DC Servo, and the head is normally controlled by a stepper motor. Stepper motors are simpler for exact control as they need no feedback, but you do need a drive that takes in a direction and step signal and then it drives the coils on the motor to make it rotate.
Simon Wakley
all direct drive floppy spindle motors are brushless dc servos (hall sensors and electronic switching) in a pll closed loop. This method is over a decade old in 3.5" floppy drives. I haven't seen anything else since the old days of 8" floppies and the first 5" drives which were belt driven.

Matt Tudor, MSEE