does anyone pci weighing/scale card


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Hi all,

I've seen before a weighing pci card plug on computer. But I'm not sure what brand of that card. Do you know where can i find it? I want to make my computer to be a weighing system integrated without external indicator. Please let me know where should i can find it, and it can communicate through VB.

Many scales have a serial interface and will connect to a PC via the serial port. If you need extra serial ports or an analog interface, check out the offering over at Sealevel Systems ( Good luck!
We have several applications in use that use national insterments cards, most of there cards have a bipolar 50Mv range which will work fine for direct reading of a loadcell, use 15vdc excitation on a 3mV/V cell @full scale you will have 45mV.

The overall system accuracy will probably fall a little shy of what a good indicator can do but will be fine for most applications.
You can connect to a pc, but you can't communicate very easily. We have an inexpensive piece of software that sends weight data (gross/net/tare) into Excel or Access.