Does ControlLogix PLC have conformal coated modules?


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We need conformal coated PLC modules to be used in caustic environment. We know Modicon Quantum PLC and Premium PLC have this kind of modules. But does Rockwell have this kind of modules of ControlLogix PLC?
ControlLogix PLC has conformal coated power supply (e.g.1756-PA75) modules. ControlLogix has no conformal coated CPU, I/O,communication modules.

Flex IO (1794, without CPU module) has conformal coated modules.

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I don't know about ControlLogix off hand, but many of the Flex I/O modules are available conformally coated.

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I am not sure who is claiming to be Rockwell Automation Tech Support, however the correct
answer is YES!

ControlLogix modules as are most Rockwell Automation Controller, Communications and
select Drive and HMI products are offered in conformal coated versions.

More information can be found in the Rockwell Automation Knowledge Database Tech Note ID 21727.

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2. If you have an account first Log-In if not create your account.
3. Change "Search by" to read "ID" and enter 21727.

For more information or to receive a quote on Rockwell Automation's conformally coated products, please contact your local distributor or Rockwell Automation sales office.