Does Honeywell HC900 CPU C50 need license for programming?


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Does "Honeywell HC900 CPU C50" need license for programming? The supplier told me we can use any computer that has "HC900 Hybrid control designer" software to program C50. No need for license or dongle. Is it true? Normally I use Siemens S7, which needs a license.
'CPU 50' is a designation for hardware - the 'size' of the controller, which does not involve licensing.

The Hybrid Control Designer (HCD) development software is definitely not freeware, it is sold as a product.

I've never read the End User License Agreement (EULA) for HCD to know what the exact licensing requirements are, but I can confirm that the version I installed 2 or 3 years ago required neither a license code nor a dongle.

Subsequent HCD software updates have been free downloads from a public Honeywell web site.

The firmware updates for the HC900 controller have also been free downloads from the Honeywell web site.

We pay no annual license fee for the software or firmware updates. It's part of the reason we continue to use the HC-900 hybrid controller.

In that same period I've lost two licenses for Siemens PDM software; when the laptop harddrives on which the PDM was installed, died.

This software is free. I think the version of hybridcontroldesigner does not match the c50. The ver. no. is 4.20.