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sultan Khan

The DORIC Model 400A type Digital temperature indicator is used in Mk2 speedtronic panel for "K" type Thermocouple monitoring. When power is applied (115V AC )to it, it indicates "0" deg C. When mv signal is applied to it +v and -V terminal, it does not indicate mv equivalent deg C. It is a new temperature indicator. The DIP switch setting is the same as that of other meter. This meter is for use with the K type Thermocouple.

There is no removable parts by which we can interchange certain chip or display part from one to another.

What could be the other problem? Any one experienced such thing in the meter, can please help me out.

Mr. David..

Thanks a lot for your kind response. the meter was ordered by some one long back. Meter stamping indicates it is for K type TC. If by chance it is for ma input, then is there any changes is to made in DIP switch setting? to change to mv input. Kindly let me know. I shall also go through the PDF mentioned by you..

Thanks for your response, once again....
Hi, Mr.David. No one knows about Order code but requirement was for use with K type TC and input being 0 to 25 mv.

Mr. David, does the meter stamped with this order code. OR stamped on base card. Where can we get the details on version or code? Please advice.Thanks.

You have not given your particulars or contact details...

>I have one new Doric if you need it.
>Try to contact me.

Kindly confirm that the DORIC you have is coded for mv input and used for K type thermo couple. Is it a DORIC 400 A type? Kindly give your details to proceed further.

See the Doric 400 user's manual here:

The 400 appears to use sensor specific hardware, as shown on page 2-5, an LSI chip and programming module.

Every industrial device I ever seen has a model with configuration and options codes. How Doric accomplished that, I don't know, but you need to some research if you're trying to resurrect this oldie.

FYI, there are lots of 1/8 DIN thermocouple input panel meters, so trade off you time, lost opportunity and what-not against just buying something new that works out-of-the-box.
Hi MR. David,

>See the Doric 400 user's manual here:

Thanks a lot for sending me the DORIC manual for reference. There are only two items that can be changed from one to another.

1.LSI chip
2. analogue input module.

The one which was fitted and working was a DORIC for use with K type
TC with mv applied on the V+ and V- terminals. Now the meter is flickering and no response when mv signal applied on the input terminals. Tried to adjust zero (with 0mv)-span adjustment screw and
stability screws etc.. I would like to have practical approach to this problem. If you had come across this problem and sorted out the issue. then Please share your approach to this issue.

Thanks a lot again for your kind response.