Doubts regarding the TTXSPL and TTXSP1 in a MS 5002C turbine

He estado revisando dos turbinas ms5002c y encuentro que el valor TTXSP1 es muy diferente para cada una de ellas. por ejemplo, uno indica 1126 F y el otro indica 25 F. Entro en la escalera para averiguar por qué el cálculo es diferente pero este valor proviene de una variable TTXD2_N, que no tiene valor sino un signo de interrogación (?).

You would need to provide a LOT more information about the version of Mark (s), the version of the exhaust temperature spread algorithm (TTXSPVn) used in the Mark of both units, and some information about the TTXD1_n values of the two units. (I suspect at least one of the units uses TTXMSPV5. AND, I suspect the unit with the wildly high TTXSPL value has numerous Diagnostic Alarms and related Process Alarms and maybe even failed exhaust T/Cs.)

TTXD2_n comes from the TTXMVn block; it's the sorted exhaust T/C values from highest to lowest, with n from 0 to k-1, where k equals the total number of exhaust T/C's. (So if the unit had 18 exhaust T/C's, k would be 18 and the TTXD2_n array would be TTXD2_0 to TTXD2_17.) It's an internally-calculated array in TTXMVn that is ”secretly” passed to TTXMSPV5; that's why it doesn't seem to exist anywhere else in the logic.

Hope this helps. That's all the information I can provide.