Downloading a Program from Micro311


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Dave F

Trying to download the program from a Modicon Micro311 using Windows XP. I loaded the software and it appears to be running ok. I have the proper cable and adapter for the serial port on my PC. I verified that the Com port and baud rate match the what Modsoft Lite Ver 2.01 shows on the bottom of the window. I keep getting 'PLC Type Not Supported' error message.

Any ideas on what I can try next?


James Fountas

Modsoft lite should recognize the Micro line. There is a later version of Modsoft Lite and there is always Modsoft. The last versions were 2.11 and 2.61.

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I am running Modsoft on Windows XP computer. No issue. Post your email and I will send copy, install info and properties that I am running with.