Downloading PLC Programs via Profibus


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Greg Schneider

Hello. I am designing a control system that will have about fifty Siemens S7-200 PLCs acting as slaves on a ProfiBus network. They will all run the same program. I would like to be able to download changes via ProfiBus rather than hook my laptop to each PLC. Is this possible? How? Thanks in advance.
Yes, Downloading is possible via the EM277
6ES72770AA210XA0 S7-200 PROFIBUS DP SLAVE. Set MicroWin to use CP5511/profibus and tell it what address to talk to.
It has been a while since I have seen them but I don't think they are programmable through the Profibus cable at all. Aren't they programmed
through an MPI cable, and isn't that multi-drop?

I would think Siemen's would have the answer for you. But did you just ask here because you knew you'd get a quicker response 'cause this is where the smart folk congregate?

(I'm just here to watch them send email to each other)

Yes is possible , must use EM277 module or S7-215 with 2 ports and using microwin 3.1.1 (Works faster than MMI or PPI)


David Alvarez Quiroga

It is long time since this question was addressed but I am wondering which PROFIBUS services are used for downloading PLC programs from PROFIBUS master to slaves. I am having SIEMENS slaves but not a SIEMENS master or card.