Downloading program in BM85 using TSXCUSB MBP adaptor


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I am trying to download BM85 program written for Programmable BM85 using USB Modbus Plus adaptor (TSXCUSBMBP). I am using BM85load.exe which is available for SA85 card to do this but it is not working.

Is there separate utility to do this when we use USB MBP adaptor???

How to load BM85 program in Programmable BM85 using TSXCUSBMBP mdoule?

Can anyone help on this?

William Hinton

I believe tt load or save a program and configuration for a BM85 is NOT from the SA85 card but from COM1 or COM2. We used MMDS software from Square D.

I hope this helps,
William Hinton
For standard BM85 we use serial ports of BM85 , but for Programmable type BM85 this can be done only through Modbus Plus port...

Anyway thanks for your response.