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Hi friends, I'm using a 1747-PSD(program storage device) to program a SLC 5/04 of Allen Bradley, but I am having problems. I don´t get to save the program in the memory module. Can I use this PLC without this module? when i start up the CPU, the RAM has the program of the memory module, or i have to do any special procedure to tranfer the program from memory module to CPU of PLC?
thank you very much to all.

The PSD is capable of initiating an update to your Memory Module with the program in the SLC.

To do this, first transfer the new program from the PSD to the SLC. Then initiate a transfer of the SLC program to the Memory Module, with the PSD.

The SLC can work without a Memory Module, but make sure the Status file bits that control the Memory Module transfer and verification are disabled.

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Dawn Strahl