Downloading RSLogix500 in Allen Bradley PLC


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Downloading RSLogix500 in Allen Bradley PLC using USB port with USB to serial port converter cable? Finding difficulty to configure using RSLinx version 2.4.
AB has a certain USB to serial converter they have tested and recommend, but I have personally gone out and purchased several at Radio shack that have worked properly. Do you have the correct COM port selected? Use standard DF-1 protocol, select proper COM port (Toshiba USB ports for example are COM 5 and 6). Then autocofig.

Dennis James

RSLinx has a hard time with USB to serial port configuerations. In fact it will not work. You need to buy a USB to DH485 interface converter from AB. Cat # 1747-UIC.

jasmin ouellet

what communication are you using?

if you want to use a 1747-PIC with a USB-Serial converter, forget it...

there is a timing issue involved (the PIC being an old-old technology...)

you'll have to go with the 1747-UIC...

I have a 1747-UIC, my laptop is a Toshiba satellite, I use win me, rslinx lite ver 2.42 and I install the driver for USB and configured RS-232 DF1 for conected to PLC and then no have conection. what is possible problem???

I am an Latin american person and I do not speak a good english!!!!
The DL3500-DF1 in either DH+ or DH-485 configurations has a built in USB 2.0 port. A com port is added to the Windows system when the DL3500 is plugged into a SB port.
RSLINX then uses that COM Port and the standard DF1 RS232 driver to access PLCs on either DH+ or DH-485 networks.
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The USB to Serial converters from other vendors other than AB do work. I am using a goldx model gxmu-1200.

Auto configure Using rslinx 2.4 under windows 2000 would NOT work. (but does connect if setting are set correctly in linx)

Auto configure using rslinx 2.4 under windows xp (home no sp1) does work